Benefits of centralised printing systems

Cheaper (est. €20,000 per annum for 2,000,000 prints a year)

Less internal IT support (universal driver)

Less time lost for user since the system is redundant

Defined supplier SLAs ensure failed printers are replaced on short time frames

Follow-Me printing improves security and more comfortable for meeting print-outs

No waiting or re-printing necessary if printer is crowded or crashed

Departmental billing simple to set up

Fault notification via email on all printers

Auto re-ordering of consumables

Printer standardisation implies users and administrators know the printers’ behaviour

Printing analysis and statistics possible through reporting tools

Quotas possible

Lower toner consumption (up to 60% compared to desktop printers)

Auto-deletion of unrequested printouts



Printer density is typically lower, so people will need to walk further to collect (lost time)

Must consider change resistance by employees

They can be more expensive if you print few pages (<2,500 a month), but this melts away quickly

Resolving Outlook error “Modification Resolution” “Appointment Conflict Resolution”

I was getting many “Modification Resolution” “Appointment Conflict Resolution” emails in Outlook 2010. I found that the best way to deal with these logs is to disable them thus:

Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook\Options
DWORD: EnableConflictLogging

0 = Never save Modification Resolution logs
1 = Always save Modification Resolution logs
2 = Save Modification Resolution logs when a “critical conflict” occurs
<This is the new Default behavior when the EnableConflictLogging dword does not exist.>

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