Lidram’s weekly news digest

Desktop virtualisation picked some more ground

A poacher, turned game keeper, turned poacher again A new world record, but I doubt Guinness will award him the $170,00 he’s due

Reg’s VOIP primer for SME

A Sick People – and why is the church silent?

Malta’s Return in the Empire (Hail, Lord Skywalker)

Sheriff prefers jail to handing passwords – Agiliance wouldn’t have helped here

256GB SSD, stupid fast – WOW!

BT know that outsourcing isn’t always easy

Wireless Power get logo – A terribly useful technology that is a non-starter

Reg’s VOIP primer for SME

Dell’s Android – no WiFi, no 3G – Bah!

Hacking the hacker’s infiltrator – Ululating cops jabbed in the behind

Windows 7 gaining ground

Or is it?

Smile – Warding off Topless Militants