300 dqiq plain

300g lewz

150 zokkor

Mgharfa zejtun

Kuccarina mixed spice

Kuccarina kannella

Nofs Kuccarina msiemer tal qronfol

2 mgharef ilma zghar

Qoxra lumina

Qoxra laing

200ml ilma

2 ghal

2 mgharef lewz


Paddling lessons. Kayaking steps

Holding the paddle

Lean forward – lower shorter stroke
Straight – ideal
Lean backwards – short uncontrolled strokes

Notice dominant hand while trying a straight course

Push / pull ratio

Waving technique to release pressure on hand

High / low angle

Impacts on stability and ergonomics

Blade insertion exercise at different angles

45, 90, 135

long hold
Stern rudder
Bow rudder
Sway on the side

Works both ways depending on the last stroke partaken

Front / reverse

count # of paddles

Front only
Reverse only
Using the long hold
Swaying on the side to add turning effect

Samsung note 2 lost my sd card contents

I enabled encryption on all files. I used up the SD card and got a warning. All fine.
A couple of days later I get another warning this time saying that SD card contains errors and is being checked. Rebooting or reloading card does not help. Damn does even samsung’s highest end mobile have problems with ‘simple’ encyption?!