Amazon is loved. Yahoo is fun

People react according to how they feel not how they think. What they know barely changes their perceptions. And to this i attribute a major part of the success of Amazon. The amazon is the worlds lungs. The world over people know how useful and important it is for humanity. When someone says the word, Amazon, you instantly have a good feeling. It is a big green forest which does you lots of good. You do not necessarily picture the vision or actually think about it, but the feeling is there. And so when you browse to Amazon site you have a good feeling. It MUST be a good thing. You trust them. Of they have to live up to it, but the point is they are already riding a wave simply because they chose a marketable name…

On a similar note… Yahoo is fun. It is not cool like gmail but don’t you feel like putting on a smile when you say the word? With the violet colour scheme and font selection, they do not play out their marketing as strongly. But it is there an they continue to be leaders in revenue generation simply because people enjoy working with their site.

The right choice of name helps a business big time.


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