Acheiving network resiliance with VMware

A critical factor in all services is availability, and therefore also network resilience.VMware ESXi allows for network teaming; that is adding two or more interfaces in a high availability configuration. The interesting bit is that, if the network infrastructure does not support Link State Tracking (which marks a port as down if its uplink is known to be down), ESXi broadcasts a ‘beacon’ signal from each of the teamed ports and listens for that beacon on the other ports. If it does not arrive, then that port is down. Clean!

Here is a vmware blog explaining this in more detail.

We used to maintain different build documents for Windows, Solaris and Linux for achieving network resilience. With a virtual platform, this will become obsolete making our lives even easier to manage.

Seeing the multiple benefits of using virtual platforms, I am seriously considering moving ALL services, including production, to a virtual platform. In my case, I am selecting VMware because I am short of human resources and would like a platform that is widely deployed and supported.


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