windows system32 config system is corrupt in Windows Server 2003

On bootup, windows complains that:

Windows\System32\Config\System Corrupt or Missing

1. Insert your Windows Server 2003 CD and reboot from the CD drive

2. Press ‘R’ when offered the option of using the Windows Recovery Console


cd system32

ren config configold

mkdir config

this makes a new directory called config

cd config

copy c:\windows\repair\system

copy c:\windows\repair\software

copy c:\windows\repair\sam

copy c:\windows\repair\security

copy c:windows\repair\default


Now Server will reboot


2 thoughts on “windows system32 config system is corrupt in Windows Server 2003”

  1. What if Recovery Console is not installed? I cannot get the option to press “r” when I use my installation CD after Windows Setup starts. The whole issue happen when my power switch was tripped and my Windows Server 2003 could not start and continue to say that system file is missing or is corrupt. When I try to use Windows Setup to start Windows, it says that hard disk is not availble or not installed.

    1. Recovery console should always be available. If you don’t have it, it’s probably because you are using a hacked, automated install CD. Get hold of an original, or at least a copy of an original CD

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